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The Britain players and the board have been exceptionally occupied as of late. Not in getting ready for the present ODI against Scotland, but rather attempting to beat us food and filtered water. You will most likely have heard the previous energizing news from the ECB: Harrogate Spring has been revealed as “The Authority Water of Britain Cricket”. A glad Ruler’s public statement trumpeted this milestone occasion in firm style, with CEO David Collier certifying that “Harrogate Spring Water and the Britain and Ribs Cricket Board both offer a rich legacy, and we feel there is a magnificent brand fit between Harrogate Spring Water and the Britain Cricket Crew that will decidedly affect the two players.”

The declaration sent a frisson of fervor through the whole English cricket local area

With the authority water now set up, next stop the Cinders. It’s great to see they have their needs right. The better detail of the “positive effects” for our game may not be quickly clear, past the ECB treasuring a huge check, however James Cain, Overseeing Head of the Water Brands Gathering, appeared to be really chuffed by the turn of events. “We’re excited to work with the ECB to turn into The Authority Water of Britain Cricket”, he said. “The sponsorship bargain is with one of the most mind-blowing cricket crews on the planet and is a significant assertion of purpose from Harrogate Spring Water”.

You can compose your own zingers. However, perhaps it would be kind to call attention to James that, on late structure, Britain are not even the best cricket crew in Europe. These are, obviously, seasons of major development in English cricket, and the crowning liturgy of Harrogate Water meant certain doom for the group’s relationship with another H2O brand, as Dave Tickner called attention to on Twitter: Giles Clarke says the choice to discard Buxton Water was a “courageous one”, telling Britain fans they should “continue on”.

Yet, Britain’s relationship with Harrogate water pales into irrelevance contrasted with what they’ve been doing for their new group support. Perusing the different meetings given by Alastair Cook and Peter Moores toward the end of last week, you could be excused for thinking the chief and mentor had intentionally set time to the side to “reconnect” with the cricketing public. In truth, the statements generally got from a press trip organized exclusively to advance Waitrose, its point of convergence a cookery example for the pair which demonstrated hammier than anything in the store’s charcuterie walkway.

Yesterday came had the sendoff of the Britain group’s true advert for Waitrose

Remove it, Broady and Ando…As the magnificent Dave Tickner additionally noticed, there is simply such a huge amount here to appreciate. The ‘foods grown from the ground’ end. Katherine Brunt being overlooked by the other two. The crowbarred-in plugs for Adidas, The Times, and The Cricketer. All that faffing around to get one apple, some wine, and a portion. Blunder mysteriously sitting quiet in a van, standing by listening to an editorial clasp highlighting, everything being equal, Paul Downton. What’s happening there? Some bizarre in-joke? An insult to displeased Britain allies?

On one level, the promotion successfully highlights a connection between the Britain group and Waitrose’s products, since it’s basically as messy as their ripest Stilton, and as cliché as their most normally obtained breakfast drops. Be that as it may, on another, it’s profoundly unedifying. We as a whole acknowledge that the ECB, similar to any donning body, need to take advantage of sponsorship valuable chances to produce pay (despite the fact that whether they spend that income carefully and selflessly is available to discuss) – however clearly they can accomplish this without destroying every single leftover of their respect?

Nobody objects to players pursuing part in photograph open doors for their backers, or wearing marked attire. Yet, that sort of stuff isn’t rewarding enough for the avaricious and bold ECB, who will consent to anything at the right cost. You need to make the players seem to be finished parts? Fine, however what’s the expense? You need to tattoo ‘I adore Spam’ on Ian Chime’s temple? Alright, where’s the check?

Giles Clarke and David Collier are undermining and corrupting Britain test cricketers

Employing them out as jokesters, sales reps, and human bulletins, and selling tat on traffic intersections like Del Kid, just to enlarge their money chests. Furthermore, its striking how long and energy they can summon at whatever point a support’s included. Over the most recent four months, which have enveloped one of the best series of emergencies in English cricket history, there are a huge amount of things the ECB haven’t tried to do – like guide out unambiguous designs for modifying the group, or try to reconnect baffled allies. However, whenever there’s a chance to make a couple of quid, they hold nothing back.

In the meantime, isn’t it fairly unseemly for Jonathan Agnew to give the voice-over to an advert like this? He’s not only an observer and a character – he’s the BBC’s cricket reporter, and that is an editorial job which frequently expects him to examine and remark on the activities and strategies of the ECB (counting their business endeavors). By showing up in this official promotion, particularly in the pretense of an observer, Agnew is turning out straightforwardly for both the ECB and their support, and verifiably underwriting the two players, however the actual arrangement.

You feel a line has wrongly been crossed. A columnist shouldn’t embrace work for individuals he’s intended to investigate. It would resemble Robert Peston working two jobs for George Osborne. What’s more, presently every time Agnew offers a positive comment about the ECB, or references Waitrose as group support, he gambles with the charge of clashed interests. He shouldn’t have contacted this with a bargepole.

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